Mommy and me sessions just tickle my soul. There's such a special relationship between a mom and her daughter. As kids, we always talk about how we're going to raise our kids (as if we have a single clue how to be a mom when we're 13 years old sitting at the back of the school bus with our friends) and we swear we won't make the mistakes our parents made by grounding us for having bad grades. But then you birth a child and you become the one person they should always depend on and trust. And you make some mistakes and you make some exponentially glorious triumphs. But it's always a sign you're moving in the right direction when you're the one your child wants to kiss when they see. Or whom they hug when you're nearby. A relationship between a mother and daughter is unlike any other. If you haven't dedicated a mommy and me session to your kids, do it. It's impossible not to love the outcome. 
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