Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer in Columbus, OH.​​​​​​​
Make room in your bridal party beautiful, I’m jumping in!

Did you know I used to work at David’s Bridal? I’m used touching strangers’ boobs and butts while I’m tucking in strings and pulling down fluffy skirts.

I’ll fit right in with your bride tribe. I’m the weird, goofy, slightly ridiculous photographer who constantly wants to give you and your gals a laugh. While you’re laughing at something goofy I said, I’ll be clicking away capturing those perfect candids of you and your loved ones - all day.

I’m more than just a vendor, I’m the coordinator you didn’t hire but you’re grateful that you did. I’m elated that you found your soulmate. Let’s take your magical day to the next level with photos that’ll match the emotions of the day.
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