I’m Kristen. I tell stories through photographs instead of words.

Long ago in a town far far away... haha just kidding. If you've found your way here, you're probably trying to get to know me a little better. Here are some fun facts about me: I'm a Cancer/Leo cusp, even though I don't hold much stock in horoscopes. I'm a nanny during the week to two wonderful boys who also make me want to pull my bright purple hair out sometimes. I'm a tattoo enthusiast who's currently planning my next piece of artwork. I'm a bibliophile and have read close to 25 books this year alone (I have some GREAT recommendations if you want some!) I can quote every Harry Potter movie from beginning to end (cue Hedwig's Theme) and I'm a sucker for a bad joke. I have a very goofy sense of humor and personality that's sure to get you laughing at least once during a session. I've been photographing things since I was 11, and at that time it was mostly my middle school friends, stop signs, leaves, the grass, you get it. It wasn't until college that I tried my hand at capturing humans on camera and what a change for the better that was. Humans are quite the level up from flowers and asphalt, they bring character and joy and emotion to the scene! Who'd have guessed.
My partner in crime (metaphorically speaking, because I don't do real crimes of course) is a very handsome tattooed ex-marine and we have five fur-children together: Leo, Zorro, Olive, Dixie and Bella. Because of this, I'm likely wearing and breathing cat/dog hair to some extent and for this I hope you'll forgive me. We have a beautiful home in Pataskala and have our eyes set on Granville in the coming years. I studied Photojournalism at Kent State University and graduated in May 2019, after which we moved down here to the Columbus area. It's been a wild ride ever since.
So now that you know me better, tell me a bit about you.
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