I’m Kristen. I tell stories through photographs instead of words.

I’m nobody special unless you like Harry Potter geeks that love adventure and snuggling up in squashy chairs to read for hours on end. I’m just a gal with a camera and a passion for seeing the world thorough glass lenses and picture frames. I’ve ben a photographer since I was eleven years old and I haven’t lost my love for it after all this time. I love my ex-marine and my fur baby family. I like cheap wine and cheap dates. It doesn’t take much to make me happy (if they’re chalk full of corny dad jokes we can honestly be best friends). I’m a nanny by day and a wedding/boudoir photographer on the evenings and weekends. I believe that music makes any situation better and that sunshine really can change a day. Perspective is key both as a photographer and a human being. We can’t appreciate the highs without the lows or the sun without the rain. My favorite shade is navy blue and charcoal grey. My favorite snack is pizza bites, although my body disagrees with me on this one. I played softball in high school and sang in choir for 7 years. I wear my heart on my sleeve often and love befriending all my clients.
While I'm based out of Columbus, OH, I'll happily travel to wherever you are! Traveling fees may be included if the location is outside of Franklin County.

Follow me on social media, I'm a proud member of team follow-back. See you soon, sweets.

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