Visual Storyteller in Columbus Ohio
We have a finite existence in this world and there's no better way to capture the high's and low's than photographs. Photographs are how we learn our history, how we remember the good times and how the generations that come after us remember who we were. Our stories live on through the moments we freeze in time. So tell me, what's your story?
| Meet your Photographer |
I'm Kristen Jones and these are some of my favorite things:
My family (especially my niece)
My partner in crime/love of my life
Our two beagles + two cats
Sunrises and thunderstorms
The smell of fresh cut grass
Cheesecake and Riesling
All things Harry Potter
Spontaneous adventures
Movie theaters and popcorn
Late night talks around campfires
Book nooks and book stores​​​​​​​
Sunshine during a rainstorm
Collecting books for my library
Let's get social on social media. Find me on Instagram and Facebook by searching @kristenjonesphotos or @themugglephotographer
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